Looking back at the HISWA in-water event

Unfortunately the HISWA in-water event has already ended. It was a very big success, so we can look back at the event with joy. Also the introduction of the Seafaring 44 Coupé to the Dutch watersport enthusiasts has been great in our opinion. We’ve heard a lot of enthusiastic reactions and compliments about the ship.

Surprisingly big ship

The Seafaring 44 Coupé attracts attention by its rectangular windows. Especially because of those windows, many of the visitors were excited to see the inside of the ship. After giving a tour through the boat, you could clearly see that the viewers were positively surprised by the amount of space, the layout and the brightness of the ship.

Especially the amount of living space inside the saloon was experienced as brightfull and spacious. But overall the visitors were most impressed by the panoramic view inside the living room.

In conversation with watersport enthusiasts

We’ve been able to talk with a lot of different watersport fanatics. Some of them focused on sailing in an eco-friendly way, but also people who were looking for a ship to stay on for a longer time. Particularly a lot of (former) sailors were interested in the Seafaring yachts. And it wasn’t just the Dutch people who were keen on the ship, also Germans and Belgians were positive.

Still bigger than expected

Some people found the ship too big. Fortunately for those people we could proudly announce that the Seafaring 33 with a length of 10,80 metres is expected to come out spring 2018.

Missed the launch at the HISWA?

Maybe you didn’t make it to the HISWA in-water event or maybe you’ve missed the Seafaring 44 Coupé. Don’t worry, we gladly invite you for a viewing in our showroom. You’re free to make an appointment via our contactpage and you can request a brochure online.

11 September 2017

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