Nomination: European Powerboat of the Year Award 2018

Today we received the great news that the Seafaring 44 Coupé has been nominated for the “European Powerboat of the Year Award 2018”. The Seafaring 44 Coupé is one of the five boats that have been chosen in the category “Displacement”. This category focuses on ships where comfort, efficient propulsion systems and safety precautions are leading. In addition, the jury members will also be looking at other criteria to eventually come up with a winner per category. 

Announcement winner European Powerboat of the Year Award 2018

The winners will be announced during the first night of the Boot Dusseldorf on the 20th of January 2018. This special evening, also known as the Flagship Night, is the Oscar presentation for the Boating Industry! Would you like to attend this special evening? Sign up for the Flagship Night at the Boot Düsseldorf.

20 November 2017

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